Why Rejoice Alberta?

Rejoice Alberta is the only consistently, growing christian singing competition in Alberta. Prospects submit an application to audition which can be live or by video. Prospects are notified whether they move forward in the competition and continue on through the various levels until they are voted out or win the competition. This desicion is a collaborative work of both audience and a panel of judges. . The winner of the competition leaves with $3000 inclusive of a studio recording contract.

our Vision is to provide the healthiest singing competition in Alberta with quality Christian music that: Contestants aspire to sing, audience are blessed by and churches/ communities desire to bring to their members.

Our mission is to discover talented Christian singers, mentor, coach and give them a healthy platform to showcase their God-given talents with Albertans having a say in the decision of who emerges the winner.

Our values are Integrity, Collaboration, Compassion, Competence, Stewardship, Respect.

Our judges consist of former recording artists and vocal coaches and will provide mentorship and training throughout the course of the competition. Rejoice Alberta is a family friendly event where contestants can build confidence, gain experience on stage, own their art, create new friendships and collaborate with other artists. Friends and families are very much a part of the journey of these taleneted artists

Prospects can range from ages 11 yrs upwards. There is no limit to th the gift that God has given people to glorify. Therefore, this competition is open to anyone who feels they have a gift of music in their lives. Everyone is welcome to partipate as a member of the audience to be blessed by the music and to be a part of the decision-desicion making process of getting a winner. We do not discriminate  as we know that music is a unifying and universal language.


This year we have improved our audition process to predominantly live auditions so that people can audition from anywhere in Alberta and not have to drive down to Edmonton to be seen by the judges. We have also increased our visibilty on social media which will encourage growth. Furthermore, We have put more dollars into our paid radio Ad and reached out to over 1,000 churches, communities and organizations in Alberta to increase our prospects’ registration so we can bring you the best event possible. This will in time increase our audience for live shows from a total of 400 people to 1,000.

As a sponsor of Rejoice Alberta you are promoting a culture of family friendly, inpirational music; you have the opportunity to be a part of the development, growth and succes of a future christian artist and the millions of lives that will be touched by their music. We have  modified the sponsorship options to allow our sponsors to get the best value for their partnership by giving a variety of options to best suit their needs.