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“Rejoice Alberta” has been hosting this singing competition in Edmonton since 2015 with contestants participating from all over Alberta. The event is usually held from September to October. Contestants apply to compete. They will begin with preliminary auditions, and if successful, they will move on to the judges category, semi-finals, and then to the final competition.

Contestants are judged by a panel of judges who are part of the music industry in Alberta. This event is only open to residents of Alberta as we want to showcase Alberta’s talent. ”Rejoice Alberta” has a mission to help artists gain access to the music industry.


To provide the healthiest talent showcasing environment with quality events that: Contestants aspire to be part of, audience are blessed by and families/ communities desire to bring to their members.


To discover talented individuals, mentor, coach and give them a healthy platform to showcase their God-given talents with the audience/participants being part of their journey during and after the event.


Integrity, Collaboration, Compassion, Competence, Stewardship, Respect

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