Tamara BOYES
Nominated for 3 Canadian Gospel Music Awards, Tamara Boyes has a reputation for smooth, pure, passionate, and intense vocals. She is a Performer, Worship Leader and a Vocal Coach. She has released 4 singles, a Christmas EP, recorded 2 Gilette Radio Jingles and a movie soundtrack.
Tamara BOYES
Barry Simpson
Barry is a multi talented gospel singer, musician and is currently the director of Bethel United Church where his father is senior Pastor. He is the leader of the group “ Kray-Z-Fingaz” and has also directed lots of groups and choirsters.
Dr Joke
Dr Joke is a worship leader, church music consultant, keyboardist, drummer, music teacher, producer, director and arranger.
Lilian Kellany
Lilian Kellany is an enchanting voice in the realm of contemporary and Afrogospel music, whose melodious tunes have resonated with hearts for over two decades. With a passion deeply rooted in raising the holy altar of praise and worship, she seamlessly intertwines spirituality with vibrant rhythms creating a soul-stirring experience like no other.
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket has been a Radio host for over twenty years. The Morning show host on Shine Fm, currently the Program and Music Director for 105.9 Shine FM and Am 930 CJCA. A Husband and father of two wonderful teens. He is also a Football enthusiast and a coin nerd.
Johnny Rocket

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