Lilian Kellany

Lilian Kellany is an enchanting voice in the realm of contemporary and Afrogospel music, whose melodious tunes have resonated with hearts for over two decades. With a passion deeply rooted in raising the holy altar of praise and worship, she seamlessly intertwines spirituality with vibrant rhythms creating a soul-stirring experience like no other.

For more than twenty years in three different continents, ministering with many great names in the industry, Lilian Kellany has dedicated herself to crafting music that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners into a sacred space of reverence and joy. Her singles and album are on various platforms. She is a strong voice for united worship, discovers talents, empowers and mentors them to soar and be the best version of themselves. Lilian has been with Rejoice Alberta since it’s inception as a program director and enjoys every moment.

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